Client 4

Client: Consumer Lender

Mission: Develop new Credit Risk policies, framework, strategies and design a new product pricing method

We have helped the client to develop new credit risk policies and strategies as part of the whole restructuring exercise of the credit risk department. Furthermore, working closely with the Directors of the group we optimised the lending and collections processes for succeeding maximum compliance against the regulatory requirements, which helped the client to have a successful lending licence submission.

Some of are achievements were:

  • Pricing 4 new credit products and providing the whole credit risk management framework for these (e.g. APR’S, P&L0 analysis, lending criteria and strategies, lending systems, collections strategies, third parties’ relationship)
  • Being responsible for the development and maintenance of the credit decisions’ system
  • Reviewing and amending the Credit Risk Management framework for improving alignment against the Group Risk Appetite
  • Reviewing and amending the existing forecasting and provisions models
  • Developing a new Credit Risk pack based on more advanced analytics and improving the quantity and quality of the available Credit Risk Management information
  • Enhancing Credit Risk MI for supporting the group functions and improve business’ proactiveness
  • Changing the team’s structure for supporting multi channels strategies and improving the Credit Risk department’s contribution to the operations
  • Recruiting for supporting the new teams’ structure (increase teams’ size by 60%)